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  1. Chained Guilt by Terry James

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    2016/07/16 by rmstrong1980

     Chained Guilt by Terry Keys $0.00 at time of publishing   Chained Guilt is the first in the Hidden Guilt series. It …
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  2. Elysium Dreams by Hadena James

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    2016/07/09 by rmstrong1980

    Elysium Dreams by Hadena James $0.00 at time of of review   Elysium Dreams is the second in the Dreams & …
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  3. Tortured Dreams By Hadena James

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    2016/06/25 by rmstrong1980

    Tortured Dreams by Hadena James $0.00 at time of publishing Tortured Dreams is the first novel in the Dreams and Reality …
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  4. 19 by Aaron Patterson

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    2014/01/11 by rmstrong1980

    The short story “19” is a quick read by Aaron Patterson. It took me less than two hours to finish …
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